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Refractory is a political blog for progressive, independent thinkers. We provide evidence-based analysis on politics, policy, current affairs, and whatever else takes our fancy. We are non-for-profit, non-for-prophet, and politically independent.

All of our writers are unpaid, and we don’t allow advertising or donations on the site.

Mission Statement

We are bored of the narrow, superficial, and mindless mainstream media narrative.

We aim to provide a different point of view, an alternative, a humanist way of looking at things happening in our society.

We are free from commercial pressure and political bias.

We are interested in ideas, concepts, and thoughts on how to make this world a slightly better place.

We don’t support any political party, politician, ideology, religion, brand, corporation, philosophy, doctrine, or operating system.

Editorial policy

Refractory is edited by Red and Blue.

The editorial policy is set by us.

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