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Brexit Britain, the land dignity forgot

If she wasn’t such a despicable human, you could almost feel sorry for Theresa May. Since becoming Prime Minister she has volunteered herself as a hostage to fortune, no longer in control of anything relating to Brexit, the defining issue of Britain’s next decade, and by extension the only thing upon which her legacy will be judged. The real tragedy is that like all good … Continue reading Brexit Britain, the land dignity forgot

And the winners are… Refractory Awards 2016

Happy New Year to you all, dear readers! What better way to celebrate a new year than by announcing the winners of our surprisingly successful ‘Refractory Awards 2016!’ With over 400 votes cast, millions of bitcoins spent on blatant lies painted on the side of a bus, and some Russian hacking, this is undoubtedly a victory for the little people, the real people, and the village people. And … Continue reading And the winners are… Refractory Awards 2016

2016 Refractory Awards – Vote Now!

There is no mistaking this time of year. The soppy music in Pret-a-Manger. The angry shoppers in Westfield. The tourists standing on the left on the escalator. The feeling that the year, and the world, are about the end… Yep, it’s Christmas time again, which means awards season! Woohoo! Last year’s Awards Winners were a deserving bunch, but this year’s promises to be even more special! … Continue reading 2016 Refractory Awards – Vote Now!

Enough with Brexit Already

For those of us privileged enough to live in the Glorious Islands of the Disunited Kingdom, it is difficult to avoid the all-consuming nightmare that is brexit. It dominates the news, the conversations, the supermarket shelves, and every Tweet/email/snapchat sent from the UK now contains at least 50% brexit. Everyone hates brexit. The Leavers bemoan the fact that people are constantly talking about brexit as … Continue reading Enough with Brexit Already

British Yobs for British Workers

Plenty of people far more erudite than me have already eviscerated the bizarre goings-on within the Labour party, so I prefer to turn my focus to a fascinating affair that we witnessed last week: The Conservative party Conference. There’s always been a suspicion amongst plenty of clued-up people that the Conservative party is a party that is totally out of touch with the ordinary populace … Continue reading British Yobs for British Workers

Making Sense of 2016

Dear reader, please accept our apologies.

2016 has been a complete disaster so far, and we have failed to prevent this from happening. It has made for some pretty depressing reading, and from our point of view, some pretty depressing writing.

We’ve tried hard to find a light at the end of the tunnel, but we’re now pretty sure that the light is in fact an oncoming radioactive train, with massive gold-plated letters spelling out the name TRUMP. And it’s about to tear down whatever social fabric and post WWII order we have left.

So yeah, sorry about that.

Between Brexit, the dismal state of the Labour Party, terrorist attacks all over the world, the spectre of Trump, the most right-wing government in living memory in the UK, the purge in Turkey, the bloody mess in the Middle East, Boris Johnson getting a government job, and the rise of populist, demagogue parties all across Europe, 2016 does feel like the beginning of the end. Like the part you read about in History books and think “How the hell did it ever come to this?” Continue reading “Making Sense of 2016”

Post-Brexit, Faragenstein’s Monster is running amok

The EU referendum has unleashed a host of profoundly unpleasant things. Nigel Farage being happy. Louise Mensch being happy. Katie Hopkins being happy. Basically, obnoxious bigots being happy. But worse than that, it has created an immigration-hating monster that is laying waste to the political centre ground, spreading across Westminster like a plague of turds. If mainstream political parties aren’t willing to stand up for … Continue reading Post-Brexit, Faragenstein’s Monster is running amok

Divide and Plonker

This Referendum business is something that definitely hasn’t been talked about enough so guess what, I am going to pile in, no-holds barred. Plenty has been said about the lamentable consequences of the Brexit referendum. All those pathetic “experts” that the Leave campaign repudiated with such disdain, all those lifelong economists that warned of the impending economic suicide that a Leave vote would unleash, have … Continue reading Divide and Plonker