British Yobs for British Workers

Plenty of people far more erudite than me have already eviscerated the bizarre goings-on within the Labour party, so I prefer to turn my focus to a fascinating affair that we witnessed last week: The Conservative party Conference.

There’s always been a suspicion amongst plenty of clued-up people that the Conservative party is a party that is totally out of touch with the ordinary populace and are completely oblivious to the whims of “hard-working families” (whatever that means, a family of six hookers doing round the clock shifts are hard-working after all, right?). Well I am here to simply confirm that the modern Tory party has in a way, never been more attuned to the desires of its citizens: Theresa May and her cohorts are absolutely mentally tuned-in to the racist undertones of a huge swathe of the British population. What’s more, they are only too happy to pounce on the hilarious civil dysfunctionality of the Labour party (too busy shafting each other), and UKIP (too busy having classy punch-ups with each other in foreign lands. Fucking violent immigrants eh) in order to hoover up the disaffected white working-class vote that manifested itself with the now-legendary act of hari-kari, also known as Brexit.

Theresa May and her Conservative party are guilty of fomenting an outrageous backdrop of racism, and of preying on the ignorance of masses of people in order to execute a not-so-subtle divide-and-conquer, “them and us” strategy. Anyone with a functioning brain can immediately see right through what May and her Stormtroopers are doing: first, we had the new Home Secretary Amber Rudd, talking about a policy that would “require workers to disclose foreign workers”.

This is nothing but a gimmick and it is unenforceable, even if May does everything she can to repudiate annoying things like you know, European legal obligations etc. I look forward to the day Rudd goes to powerful banks – who hire people on the basis of particular skills – and tries to force them into divulging that information. The ultimate irony, as mentioned by a comedian on the BBC, is that Amber Rudd herself could not even tell you how many foreign nationals she has working in her own Department, the Home Office. Besides, what is the upside to enacting a policy that is clearly designed to grant preferential treatment to individuals based on their nationality? This is a strange paradox coming from the party of Free-market economics and “Absolute Capitalistic competitive freedom”. The policy sounds very much like Socialist interventionism to me, and more to the point, aren’t individuals supposed to succeed on the basis of their individual abilities? I’m just very confused, because Theresa May tells us one minute that Grammar schools are wonderful things, that are selective solely on the basis of ability and competition…..errrrr, then the next minute, she is suggesting we ditch natural ability and look at someone’s passport. I mean that worked really fucking well for the England team didn’t it? British jobs for British Workers bitches!


Theresa May: Nazi comparisons deeply misleading.


The policy is farcical grandstanding, a soundbite Donald Trump-lite policy, designed to entice the masses of disaffected raci….oh sorry I forgot, nobody is racist anymore. What’s that new expression again? Aaaah yes:

We need to be able to have a sensible debate about immigration”

Everyone has a Disclaimer like that imprinted on their psyche. Nigel Farage has that one. Boris Johnson has that one. Nick Griffin of the BNP had that one. Donald Trump has that one. If only Adolf had known eh? Surely, one interpretation of “Mein Kampf” could be that of an admittedly-psychopathic man, “wanting to have a sensible debate about immigration”? Too far?

Returning to Theresa May and this Prime Minister continues to demonstrate breathtaking levels of absolute ignorance and blind ineptitude. She’s only been in the job a few more days than Sam Allardyce but already she remains desperate to show the world how objectionable and useless she actually is. Her Brexit hardline talk has seen the value of the Pound Sterling plummet to levels unseen for over 30 years, projections for Scotland’s economy would see their GDP severely hampered – there is absolutely no coherent plan, bar the “British bulldog” deluded belief that “British is best” and the world will be brought to heel by seductive talk of all those amazing things we build and export like….errrm….Yaaaah.

One of the more amazing things May did, was to hire the UK’s biggest intellectual turd, Boris Johnson, to “lead negotiations”. You might as well get Kim Kardashian to present University Challenge or Kanye West to act in “East is East”. Theresa May’s tactics are obvious: distract the peasantry by blaming absolutely everything on immigrants. Unbelievably for May, the UK has gravitated into a racist country (London excepted) where 59% of those polled agree with her overtly discriminatory policies.

As usual, looking at facts helps us here. I know Theresa and her Stormtroopers are averse to Facts and we live in a post-factual society etc….but facts are:

It was Theresa May that virulently voted for cuts to child tax credits. It was Theresa May that voted for the most severe austerity plan in decades that decimated public services. Austerity is a by-product of a deregulated financial services industry, pioneered by May and her amigos – not immigrants. It was Theresa’s May underhand politicking that has seen NHS services put under budgetary duress; this has nothing to do with immigrants (who actually sustain the NHS more than anything). It was Theresa May who had the idea to introduce disgraceful vans that went around the country telling immigrants to “Go home” – shades of Enoch Powell at play. It was Theresa May that worked with her Conservative peers to systematically undermine “hard-working Brits” by introducing tribunal fees for any employee wishing to hold a reckless employer to account. This was a policy designed to neuter and deter hard-working Brits who could scarcely afford the fees.



Financial Crisis and Austerity: blame dark-skinned foreigners

Apart from all of the above inconvenient facts, it’s impossible for the Tories to control immigration anyway. It takes a monumental moron to actually think there is any coherent plan to bring the numbers under control – I await the net migration flow number for 2018 with glee.

And how backward are May and friends? I noticed that all their bluster is harking back to Victorian values of hard graft, a standardized university education after spending years in an education system that teaches kids to pass theoretical exams they’ll have forgotten by the time they turn 20.

May and the Tories remain classically out of touch with the demands of the new global economy: we live in an Idea Economy where ancient concepts of labour are persistently challenged by technological progress. It is an economy where black taxis, a pillar of “British spirit” can be supplanted by Uber. Where restaurants now get food out via Deliveroo, where high-street shops don’t dominate but online boutiques do instead, and where automation will probably do most of our jobs in the near future (I do wonder how that affects the prostitution game, I admit). The economist Schumpeter referred to this as “Creative destruction”.  Yet I was baffled by how not one of these geniuses the UK government managed to bring up this challenge. Spectacular dumbness.

I am genuinely trying to think of anything positive that this autocratic kleptocrat has actually looked close to achieving. Theresa May champions a society “that works for everyone”, but fails to mention that “everyone” excludes those not born here, irrespective of whether they have contributed significantly more to the country’s economy and social cohesion than many other Brits (or Tories) may have. It’s hilarious to see somebody that nobody voted for, with zero mandate, take such unilaterally retarded decisions.

As a further olive-branch to help “hard working families” who often live in societies imbued with the noxious dangers of pollution, and a rapidly-deteriorating environment that even impacts child education; Lady May has decided to give big energy companies carte-blanche to begin fracking. It was odd to hear May being so liberal about deregulating big energy companies, seeing as she mentioned implementing price controls on energy companies just before her Party conference speech. The true sign of a clueless wombat that has f*** all clue what they are doing – it’s almost as if Cameron never left.

Ultimately the main lesson to draw from this is as follows: under the Conservative party who set the wheels of this clusterfuck Brexit in motion, the UK is dangerously gravitating into a spiteful, unfriendly, regressive society. The mutual distrust created by a divisive referendum has led to Polish and Czech nationals being beaten to death on the streets. “Sensible debates about immigration” have somehow transmogrified into outright manifestations of openly racist sentiment, with insinuations made about people solely based on their religion (usually Muslims). The reputation of the UK as a Downton Abbey-esque society of polite, erudite gents has dissipated as a result of the race-to-the-bottom to see who can me more anti-immigrant. This article does not posit that no debate can be had about immigration, and there should certainly be an arena to discuss immigration and what its downsides are. The problem is, you will be hard-pressed to find anyone that will be able to have that debate in an assured, balanced manner, using facts. It’s all scare tactics, “Breaking Point” posters and a descent into discredited racial stereotypes.

It’s unacceptable for immigrants to claim benefits, but I was born here so I can smoke 20 B&H and claim what I like.

No scrap that, it’s unacceptable for EU immigrants to take risks, leave their families behind, learn a second language and compete to become the best in their field and get a job in what is supposed to be a free-market society.

Can’t claim benefits. But definitely can’t work. Can’t win then eh?


2 thoughts on “British Yobs for British Workers

  1. Enoch Powell was accused of being a racist ( prob wrongly)but he listened to what the people at the time wanted which was a halt to immigration in his time from the Commonwealth and resistance to joining the Common Market , he understood the importance of understanding the people’s views not following them but taking them into consideration and acting thoughtfully with them in mind . This is democracy and the reason why Brexit went as it did is because politicians have failed to do this and people not just in this country but throughout Europe and in USA have got fed up with their views being ignored so have voted against them as much as voting against staying in Europe . Theresa May’s speech was in the same mould as Enoch Powell with her understanding the importance of democracy and that it means taking into account ordinary people’s views we may not like their choices but we should not sneer at the majority . Fortunately she has decided to listen them and the reason Donald Trump , Le Pen and Petry are doing so well is because the public are fed up with being ignored She understands that controlling immigration is not possible as there as so many other treaties involved perhaps her suggestions asking firms to register their foreign workers may be a way of getting rid of UKIP. She needs to listen to business and there has to be free trade of goods and services with the EU or Nissan etc will leave. However this Prime Minister has connected with the British people and made I think a good start .Name a better leader (excluding Arsene Wenger) in Europe or the developed world. When she was asked what drives her she said “injustice” makes a nice change from love of power which drives most leaders.

  2. I am not sure David Cameron’s plan was to listen democratically to the views of the British people and act on them. First, when this sudden demonstration of consideration last happen? Not just in this country to be fair. Second, he did not expect nor did not want this outcome! On DC’s part, it was a gamble to silence his Euroskeptic MPs. The fact that it backfired explains why we are in a mess! Nobody is happy, and nobody will get what they asked for! No mandate for set up and implementation of a Brexit strategy is the last thing we heard. Why are we having a hard Brexit now? Have we asked for it? What is behind this latest tactic? Or yes, I know we are kept in the dark because the high above who govern us know best. And don’t care about us, have never done so and never will, let’s not forget. This is democracy of course.

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