Sketching out the Trump Presidency

We’re now officially at Series 1 Episode 2 of the US version of Black Mirror, and I must admit I’m not enjoying it as much as I thought I would. The premise is ridiculous – Manhattan property developer wins US Presidential election by energising anti-establishment poor white rural voters – the acting is awful, and the narrative is all over the place. It’s like M … Continue reading Sketching out the Trump Presidency

And the winners are… Refractory Awards 2016

Happy New Year to you all, dear readers! What better way to celebrate a new year than by announcing the winners of our surprisingly successful ‘Refractory Awards 2016!’ With over 400 votes cast, millions of bitcoins spent on blatant lies painted on the side of a bus, and some Russian hacking, this is undoubtedly a victory for the little people, the real people, and the village people. And … Continue reading And the winners are… Refractory Awards 2016

2016 Refractory Awards – Vote Now!

There is no mistaking this time of year. The soppy music in Pret-a-Manger. The angry shoppers in Westfield. The tourists standing on the left on the escalator. The feeling that the year, and the world, are about the end… Yep, it’s Christmas time again, which means awards season! Woohoo! Last year’s Awards Winners were a deserving bunch, but this year’s promises to be even more special! … Continue reading 2016 Refractory Awards – Vote Now!

Enough with Brexit Already

For those of us privileged enough to live in the Glorious Islands of the Disunited Kingdom, it is difficult to avoid the all-consuming nightmare that is brexit. It dominates the news, the conversations, the supermarket shelves, and every Tweet/email/snapchat sent from the UK now contains at least 50% brexit. Everyone hates brexit. The Leavers bemoan the fact that people are constantly talking about brexit as … Continue reading Enough with Brexit Already